I am officialy pledging my sobriety

After last night and this mornings horrible symptom flare up where i felt the whole world was laughing at me ive learned im destroying myself. So i poured all the booz i have left down the drain and am going to pledge myself to clean living


I am glad to hear it, Rabbit. I wish you all the best :two_hearts:

Yea thanks. Ill need it. I don’t know if AA is right for me but i need to stop this downward spiral ive been caught in

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Give it a try. You might at least meet people you can relate to there.

I don’t have a problem with alcohol, I barely touch it, but enough of my friends have come to the conclusion that they need to stop that I’m going to stop, too, in solidarity.


Good for you! Take care.

You’re on the right track. Also, you can go to AA at any time.

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AA has a book calls living sober. Very practical advice in there.
Put enough time between you and it and you CAN BEAT IT.
Goodluck from another alcoholic not touched a drop for nearly 4 years.

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I was sober in AA for a while. What kept me sober, and also keeps a lot of other alcoholics sober, is that memory of that last horrible hangover and the terrible shakes you got from drinking booze. This is my 107th day of not drinking. I’m on a roll.


I have to pledge mine again every morning. Only have the 24 hours I’m in.

I’ve been sober since July and clean since November. It’s a different life. Different types of rewards from different types of activities. I’m a bit addicted to exercise these days.

Just try being healthy or else you have no grounds to state that being unhealthy is better. That’s my stand on this. I still vape but I also run religiously and do aerobic strength training. It’s healthier than the handles of whiskey and packs of cowboy killers. Also healthier than the bottles of wine and packs of menthols and tubs of preworkout.

It’s not about perfect. Perfect is as pathological of a pursuit as the most serious of flaws.

Ive gone to aa for about 20 years and haven’t drank for over 18 years . i try to help others with service in positive goals . i used to go out and pick up litter in the park and,i believe it was like 12 step work in principle. I still try to volunteer in service in my life and overall i feel The Big Guy upstairs guides me. Say hi anytime my friend

Just keep busy ive never had a drinking problem and aa seems cultastic to me. But it works for many so if need be atleast keep the option available…good job though

Well done, you!

And that’s different, how? d000d.