12-step programs

They work for me though I have not attended a meeting in awhile. I joined AA in 1990 and I have remained clean and sober since. I admit I had trouble at first with the concept of a higher power. I grew up basically laughing at anyone who believed in God. And I couldn’t stand attending formal religious services of any kind. But I finally got on board with believing in a higher power because it could be anything I believed and wanted it to be to ME. It was meant to be my own PERSONAL concept of what I wanted my higher power to be. An old AA joke which I heard when I first joined is that you could use a doorknob as your higher power. It’s a twenty year old joke that some people may not get but the point is that you have the freedom to basically invent your own version of a higher power. Some newcomers to AA, CA, or NA use the group as their higher power in the sense that the group has more knowledge about sobriety than themselves.and has more power than themselves. AA is proven to work and it’s free I even dare say that meetings are often fun. I enjoy the camaraderie and the fellowship. I’ve seen people with the most hardcore, hopeless, pitiful cases of alcoholism and addiction not only get and STAY clean but become productive members of society and turn their lives around. How can I criticize something that saved my life?


thats great that there is some help for people with these problems, no-one is a hopeless case i think, anyone can be turned around and pick themselves up :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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In my experience I found that to be true.