Think I'm losing it, gonna take 2 more seroquel and sleep,


Hi, not sure whats real or not, 300mg seroquel 50mg hydroxyzine, 1mg ativan, any interaction?


Sorry, don’t know about combos of different meds. I would play it safe and not take combination you’re unsure of. Hope you manage to get some sleep.


Just be careful when you take a few medications that all have sedating qualities. It is possible to overdose on drugs that sedate you, and you won’t be in a position to do something about it if it happens to you. I wouldn’t take all those medications at the same time.


Jwu, feel better. Had to crawl downstairs last nite, wasnt accustomed to the seroquel, mental note for better exit strategy.


The first time i took Seroquel it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could barely walk from the living room couch to my bed.


I almost hit my head very badly! Would have not gotten help if I feell in the dark. Scary!


Dude don’t OD on your Seroquel…


If your pdoc prescribes you this medicine then he/she knows that these meds can be taken together


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