Think I spoke to much about illness

I was talking to my aunty earlier on Facebook messenger. I asked her how her niece was as she’s been in hospital with depression. She said she’s getting better and has gone home.

She asked me how I am. I answered that my job is going well and that I had my depo injection yesterday. I said I tend to notthink about mental health but having injection makes me think about it. But I hope I’ll be fine.

She kind of brushed me off and said ‘it’s nice hearing from you. I hope you all have a happy new year.”

It made ne feel I’d said to much and been unapropriate I’m not particually close to her.

Can anyone tell me what they think?

Will someone answer me? Did I speak to much about illness?

I used to call it being filleted open when i was first started therapy and i said something that made me feel too vulnerable. She is fine it may have made her uncomfertable but now you know she cant handle sharing medical stuff with her so dont in the future, youve got all of us to share with.

Ok thanks for your answer. Are you open about your mental health.

To certain people i am very open, i was on a tv show called the ultimate fighter right before i went psychosis land. I was posting all of my delusions on internet forums(getting 60,000 views) and twitter and a youtube chanel. Needless to say i was incredibly embarrassed by how many people saw me go crazy. The way ive delt with it (with the help of therapy) is to be open about it. So my students know and my friends know, but i still dont go sharing unless its someone i know is ok knowing me really well. My mom had a very abusive mother and when she has told certain people a story about it they think that she is lying and she warned me that people will see schizophrenia stories the same way. So i think its important to protect yourself from being vulnerable in the wrong setting. Its important to have people to talk to and its very difficult because for me at least schizophrenia is always on my mind because its always present in my psyche im getting some type of symptom or side effect. But i still have different levels of what ill share. This forum has really changed things for me its the safest place ive found nothing surprises anyone because we all went and are going through it. Maybe save your share for on here


My sister said it’s a lot to drop on someone over a Facebook private message.

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Did I drop to much on her?