Think I might of entered a season of hypomania

Hey y’all.

Just had around 12 days of hypomania, then eventually got agitated and then I was getting a lot of intrusive images, seeing images of hands coming out of ceiling vents and stuff, just annoyances. My perceptions of other people’s behavior has been pretty off (accusing people of things) Then became exhausted and slept on off for a day.

Now I’m back up again.

Haven’t had longer manias since like 2013.

So I’m just exercising my creative side. Learning about animating cartoons, and also learning about making some electronic music (trap music) and just writing fun lyrics.

Key is keeping the hypomania contained and being vigilant about anything too off base. I keep my spending habits in check for the most part.

Fortunately I have and understanding girlfriend, and my parents are pretty supportive.

Been going to pdoc visits to figure out what I should do, was given Seroquel as prn, and just did 5 treatments of rtms.

The rtms actually mellowed me out briefly but now that I’m done it I’m going back up again.


Plateau aka level

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“rtms” doesn’t bring anything up in my search engine.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)



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Oh man that sounds awful. I usual tolerate hypomania pretty well as long as I don’t get too high and shop or gamble or worse. But man I hate the after part, the crash. And usually for me if I’m getting agitated it’s a mixed state, which is me almost at my worst. Anyway I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with all of that. I hope you feel better and stabilize.

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Yeah the crash sucks! its like being run over by a train. I will see how this month goes, might have to get on lithium or lamictal.

yeah mixed states are just nasty.

Its so strange because I went years without these longer manias. usually theyd last a few hours or maybe a 1 day.

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Oh man I go months, usually all summer at least lol. I have a seasonal aspect going on. Usually come October I’m depressed. It sucks.

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the other day my gf asked me for a massage and she said i just had a blank flat stare and said “I am not a labourer” lolol . and i kept repeating it.
i dont even know how i came up with that one :man_facepalming:
and i kept misinterpreting everyones facial expressions for something being totally wrong or off. just odd perceptions.

oh how im thankful i have an understanding girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

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