Think I might be schizoaffective still

So before i was diagnosed with flat out schizophrenia they said i was schizoaffective. Recently ive been having flights of energy and ideas and then depression along with hallucinations delusions and negative symptoms. Im on a mood stabalizer already but it doesnt seem to be helping. Anyone also experience this?

sz symptoms are variable…
the brain is always in flux…
i go from one symptom to another… :grin: it is fun…not !?!
know someone cares :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:


I go from one symptom to another also, i had depression, and many negative symptoms, i’ve seen many weird things , many delusions , you’re brave and kind for fighting it all!!

And whatever it fluxes to seems =extreme= if one has this â– â– â– â– . (Ehhhh.) :smirk:

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Note my comment to darksith. I was fluing in every which direction in the '90s and early '00s. They tried several MS’s, but none of them did anything meaningful. Neither did Risperdal or Geodon.

Seroquel, however, was – and still =is= – The Bomb.

As I’ve gotten more stable mentally… there has been a mood element developing. I was getting spikes of hyper and boundless energy… with euphoria and delusions.

Then I’d slide not really into depression… but disconnected flatness… I wouldn’t be able to connect with anyone. I just lost all energy and motivation.

I got put on Depakote and I think it’s finally starting to level out.

Good luck and if it doesn’t level for you soon… you might talk to your doc and see if you need a slightly higher does… or if you need a different med…

Thank you so much guys. You guys and this whole forum gives me hope that things will eventully get better. But I cant shake this depression.

Thank you so much. I hope I can get out of this depression and mood shifts its slowly killing me even more than my delusions and hallucinations but im going to try to fight for my life with eveything ive got

Thank you for your support

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