I think i am schizoaffective

ok its not diagnosed i have a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia but what i am truley fed up with is that my moods are so erratic up and down nup and down i want to be in the middle or off the rollercaoster.

diagnoses change all the time, one day i am this, the next i am not, i don’t think half the time they know ( the shrinks, clinical pyschologists ) what they are talking about.
but luckily i am not on meds so don’t have to go through that.
maybe your meds need to change and you should discuss it more with the shrink.
take care


You can have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and still have a mood component without being schizoaffective. It’s a very fine line, and one that is best discerned by a qualified psychiatrist (psychologists aren’t qualified to make this determination).


thanks very much alien and darksith i will get in contact with my shrink and really try to get inside HIS head LOL

People with a diagnosis of schizophrenia can experience depressive episodes. If their depression gets frequent or very deep it might be schizoaffective depressive type. If someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia experiences uplifting hypomanic or manic episodes, it could be schizoaffective bipolar type - yeah talk it over with your doc


Sometimes I don’t know if I’m having mood swings because my label was wrong or is changing or…

I’m healing enough to even feel emotions and they come on strong because they have been so foreign to me for so long. I haven’t felt anything for a while so even subtle emotions really hit me and I have to relearn them.

with meds or without them? cause as i experienced meds can make that roller-coaster feeling pretty good even mood stabilizers themselves.

i take seroquel and sertraline and i think seroquel is a mood stabiliser i just know i cant even plan anything cause i never know how im going to be feeling suicidlely depressed or over excited happy thinking i know the meaning to life.