Think I am over the worst of the nicotine withdrawals

Over 72 hours since I had a cigarette. Feeling pretty good. The cravings were real strong yesterday but things have been easier today

Since not having the nicotine stimulation anymore I have been very tired esp after meds. But I had this last time I quit and things evened out after a couple of weeks


Tobacco is sneaky. Keep your guard up…


The nicotine receptors in your brain start to die after about two weeks without proper stimuli. Once you’ve passed the two week mark, you should see a decrease in cravings and withdrawals, and an increase in energy.
Keep going, you’re doing great :smiley:


For sure man. My saving grace is I have no tobacco in the house and there is no shop in the village in which to buy some.

This helps me to not succumb the the cravings


good job @anon94176359
keep it up… i’m really impressed… i don’t think i could do it.


Thanks @everhopeful @Pikasaur @lekkerhondje !!


I’m still alive too; celebrating my start to day 6!

Interesting @Pikasaur - And, …
Um… erm… sorry for my outburst yesterday. I’m sure we’d get on well in real life.

But that was new material for me!!


Its just that @Pikasaur you said:

that you ‘really don’t’ have a low opinion of men; but in the following breath, you compared the whole male collective to fire that burns.

Gah! But if we’re finally talking that’s where I’d begin

The best to wish for is being free of addiction.

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What I meant by that saying is that if something hurts you enough times, you get sceptical of it and tend to shy away - not that men are inherently evil

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Acceptable answer… and I’m glad I allowed you the chance to clarify.

I’m really not a jerk here but I’m just a man’s type man!

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Well done mate :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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man, good job !! I have yet to quit again…dangit…you inspire me…

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You can do it buddy!

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You got this! I know you do!


You can do this. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll succeed

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