Man getting strong urges to smoke tobacco

Strongest since quitting nearly a week ago

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Keep going @anon94176359 . Don’t give in.


I love tobacco

My doctor says not to worry too much about the smoking if I find it helpful

Going to die young anyways


Do not give in, the first three weeks are worst. After 21 days you have the best chance never to smoke again.

Hold tight. You’re doing great.

take it a day at a time. before you know it enough time will have past and the cravings will be gone. you are doing good by making a week already.

I’m so happy I got stopped.

What supporters said to me was that the cravings will pass whether I use or not. That was my experience, too.


Drink a big glass of water each time you get the urge. Eventually you will get thirsty instead of craving cigs. That’s what I did when I quit.


Drinking water definitely helped me quit.

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If you hang in there, you’ll soon wish you never smoked.

keep it up @anon94176359
I am rooting for you even if i am not doing it myself also…

Apologies guys. Slipped off the wagon today. Feel like I have let you all down

it’s ok @anon94176359
you gonna try again?

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Damn, I’m so sorry, I wish I had my druthers on me today because I probably could’ve chimed in sooner… maybe we can both schedule a different quit day in the not too distant future?

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