Things are going fine then bam! Completely disabled for a few days

I’m getting sick of it really.

Abilify is the only thing that worked for me so I’ll probably give it’s successor rexulti a go next year when it’s released in Europe. I have a very bad gut feeling about rexulti though. So maybe I’ll chicken out of trying it.

But yeah. I’m just sick of being sick I guess.


I get you man. All I want is a little consistency but no the sz has to creep up and kick my ass


I feel like this too.

It seems like everyday I have some weird (shit) derail my day,

And when it doesn’t, I’m so paranoid about something happening,

I can’t enjoy the quiet.

Oy vey…



Omg this is me all over - I get convinced that this is it and things are fine then I suddenly can’t sleep at all and I’m back to square one


I haven’t been feeling very good myself. Been sick from vacation, from coming back, from food, from meds!


i hope you recover soon, everhopeful


Why do u have a bad gut feeling about rexulti?
For me personally I am very cautious of the newest meds cos the population haven’t been on them long term yet so who knows wats the side effects etc.

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This is me a lot of times I think things are fine then bam I am hit with something or become paranoid about someone giving me dirty looks or talking about me maybe they are or maybe its all in my mind I don’t know. But I am tired of being sick or mentally ill I wish I was normal but I do the best I can with what I am dealt with. What else can I do? I will never give up even if I feel like it a lot of times just falling on my face or going to bed and not getting up ever.I cant think that way I must go on despite how I may feel at times.

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Melina, I saw your post about diet pills and wanted to reply but it was “closed”. You spoke about your struggles with Abilify making you gain weight. When I first got sick I gained 150 pounds in the first year and a half. My doctor and I agreed we both think it’s because of the Abilify. I have struggled and struggled to lose weight. For a year (last year) I ate 1200 to 1300 calories a day and walked a mile every day (I only missed about once in 2 weeks). I lost weight at first (about 8 pounds a month, then 7 pounds a month, then 5…) but after about 11 months I stopped losing even though I was still walking and eating next to nothing. So I gave up for a few months and fell off the wagon big time. Then I found articles from Dr. Jason Fung which led me to low carb high fat diet, then I found out about the keto diet. Basically you eat 20 carbs or less a day. At first it was just a “diet” and I did NOT think it was something I would be able to do long term. No wheat or potatoes or sugar or anything like that. But you CAN make keto bread and keto chocolate chip cookies and those things are what keep me going. When I am craving sugar I just eat some sweets I made with erythritol or monk fruit. When I really want a salty crunchy snack I eat these microwave pork rinds that dont have any added ingredients except salt. You MUST get enough fat in your diet on keto. I have lost 26 pounds in 3 months on Keto, but what’s amazing is that when I lost the 60 pounds over a year on 12-1300 calories (almost all carbs) I only lost 2 inches around my rear end. I still wore a 3x shirt even though it was a tiny bit looser than when I started. Now after 3 months, I lost only 26 pounds but I have gone from tight fitting 3x clothes and size 24 jeans barely fitting to my xl clothes being baggy on me and easily fitting into size 20 jeans!! I also feel so good. I will warn you though. If you try keto, the first 2 weeks are really hard. You feel almost like you have the flu and you get a headache. It lasts for around a week to a week and a half. Basically your body has used glucose as fuel your entire life. Without carbs, your body is forced to break down fat and use ketones as fuel, but since your body has never done that before it takes a bit of adjustment. This is a natural way to use the fuel that we eat and our bodies were designed for it. After all, that’s why we store the fat - to use it! Anyways… I cant say enough good things about keto. I feel great! My mind is clear and I can think better and what’s amazing is that when I fell off the wagon I stopped walking and haven’t really started up again. So I wasn’t really exercising much at all, but I have been feeling so good that I started swimming twice a week. There are a lot of “health nut keto dieters” and there are also people at the opposite extreme who buy all sorts of “keto” foods with all sorts of unhealthy preservatives and really unhealthy junk in them. Don’t be fooled by a label just cuz it says keto. I tend to fall in the middle. The only reason I don’t go insane on keto is because I can eat baked goods or snacks (that I make at home) if I am having cravings. And I can eat as much bacon as I want. I am eating 1900 to 2500 calories a day - double what I ate for the year I was dieting! If you are into the science behind all of this, it has to do with insulin. I highly recommend a book called The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. He is pretty funny. He also has a ton of articles and videos online. He advocates for fasting, but his information about what has caused the obesity epidemic is really good info even if fasting isn’t something you can or want to do. The reason the keto diet works, though, is because it keeps your insulin from spiking each time you eat carbs. Dr. Fung said something like: I can make anyone fat. All I need to do is inject insulin. I hope this is useful to you. If you have any questions you can let me know. :slight_smile: I am just really excited and want to share about what finally worked for me.

@everhopeful I can so relate to your experience it happens to me quite a bit. I would not wish sz on anyone its a terrible mental illness

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