Been having an interesting week, some improvement in sz symptoms

I’ve finally begun to recover from some of my symptoms after a two year wait. Those symptoms are poverty of speech and thought, restricted affect and emotional blunting.

For the first time in a long time I’m feeling stronger emotions again, enjoying music and so on. I guess my gamble with trying abilify was the right decision after all. At my current dose I feel my alogia slipping away and my personality coming back. With it there are some unpleasant feelings, like intense guilt and so on. I also still have anxiety/psychosis attacks pretty much several times a week, but now I have medications like ativan which can basically rescue me from those.

I have begun to break down the intrusive thoughts, now I know they are nothing more than my brain finding targets to direct anxiety at. The OCD type symptoms, and the perseveration (returning to the same ideas, obsessing over schizophrenia, pharmacology and medications).

All of this has gotten better.

Amotivation still comes and goes, but I’m getting over it and participating in life a bit more each and every day. For example, I normally wouldn’t post on or even visit this forum because of poverty of thought and amotivation. The fact that I’m writing this post is evidence that it’s getting better.

I feel great, losing weight each day, I’m now down to 162-164 lbs which is maybe 20-30lbs off my goal. Now I think I have a healthy BMI, that is great.

Thank you @TheKidinCahoots for turning me onto abilify, I knew it was only a matter of time before I began to see similar results to you.


That is great @eduvigis!


Happy to hear you’re doing better @eduvigis. Take care :v:


Thanks! It’s great to know someone cares😁


It’s always good to see a success story. :sunny:


@eduvigis, Are you male or female?
That’s a great story. It’s good to hear that someone is doing great. Keep up the good work.