They said some stuff

My in laws for the last few days said we’ve been avoiding them. Partially true but at the same time the door between the apartment and their house is always locked. They claim it’s not them doing it but I don’t know.

They said again I shouldn’t talk to my mom. Everyone knows she brings me down. This last she messaged me upset because my brother doesn’t have a job or ssi and if anything happens to them he’ll be homeless. But last I checked they had life insurance policies and said I won’t get a penny of it unless I break up with my partner.

Why don’t they like your partner?

They believed my partner is lazy and doesn’t want to work for the 3 years we lived with them my partner found it difficult to find a job because she didn’t have a high school diploma.

When we moved in with my in laws my partner worked her ass off to get her diploma and took all kinds of classes to work at the nursing home.

My parents think she is using me

Is your partner a CNA? That’s really hard work. Does she help support you now?

My partner is a QMA she is certified to be a nurses medication aide. She supports me.

And your parents still feel that way? Geez. I hope they come around at some point. I’m sorry.

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