They must really want me to have that jab

Due depot today but didn’t feel like going out of the flat. Had not slept well and just wanted to stay in bed. After ignoring the phone ringing twice I eventually got up and checked the calls on my answering machine. There’s a call from the support worker attached to the depot clinic telling me I am due for my jab. The time of the call was less than an hour later than the time I usually turn up for my jab. So they are chasing me up because I was at the time less than a hour later for my jab.
Reluctantly went out the flat and to the clinic. Otherwise they would probably have been round to the flat again to give the injection.

It’s a shame the nurse practitioner can’t be as quick (allowing for posting time) to respond to my request for a supporting letter for PIP. Been 6 days now. I’m paranoid she’s not going to write a letter or won’t have written it in time for me to send with my claim.
Holding off from going to CAB for help with form as there is little point until I get letter from nurse practitioner and CAB can definitely fill in the bit saying what supporting evidence is being provided. Feeling more and more anxious with each passing day as not sure how long it takes for an appointment for help with the form(due in by Nov 8th).
The more I think about it the more stressed I get and the more I realise I won’t be getting PIP.

Still all that matters is that I have that damn jab.


you have a disability and all your doctors will back you up, i dont see any reason why you shouldn’t, you take meds and still have symptoms so you have lots of very strong reasons why you should get it.


Well that was a waste of time. Eventually got through to a rather brusque person with a Northern accent at CAB. He was reluctant to try and help arrange an appointment to help fill in the forms as he asked whether I had a learning or physical disability and I said no. He did say just to go down and they might fill in form there and then if not busy(fat chance based on what he later said about them being fully booked) Eventually after much humming and hahing he took some details and looked up appointments to tell me they are fully booked. He then gave me a number for Welfare rights which seems to be a Scottish based charity serving the UK. I have emailed them to see if they have a branch in Southend but I very much doubt it.

As you can probably guess I am feeling demoralised. My chances of being successful have plummeted to zero.
It’s hard when you have difficulty filling forms and can’t get help. I failed 2 DLA applications in the past because of that.

Fighting back the tears of frustration.

Ring them back, say you have a learning disability called schizophrenia. When they say they’re fully booked ask ‘until when’.

Edit: can they help you fill in the form over the phone? Ask them.

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Ask them what time of the day is their least busiest, and just go down there.

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Paranoia has come to the fore after that phone call. Did he bum me off because I sounded intelligent and posh ? I do know that some people think you can’t have real problems if you sound articulate and educated(including many mental health workers).

Just an underpaid uninterested employee. Ring them back, and find out when they’re least busy.


personally i would ask my care team to help out bc thats what they are there for,

what about your nurse or p/doc? they should help you, i dont see any harm in asking them bc they will back you up at the end of the day and they know what you are like more than most, they will have all your notes since you were first diagnosed and i think that is one thick 3/4 inch volume every 5 years so they have got all of this evidence to back you up,

when i did my first time dla forms i was put in touch with a professional that deals with these things and they really look after your needs and write down anything you say,

I found someone who was very good from a charity called Together who helped with my last DLA renewal and improved my award. Unfortunately they’ve stopped helping with forms.
Have managed to get someone online on another forum to help.

Going to chase up my nurse practitioner re sending me a supporting letter.

Tempted not to send in my PIP claim form. I don’t think I would qualify for a home assessment(anxiety is a symptom but not an actual specific diagnosis of mine) and there is no way I could cope with getting to an unfamiliar place miles from home. It would be different if I could guarantee someone coming with me. I think they deliberately put these barriers up to put genuine claimants off . They have probably succeeded with me. The ironic thing is I would probably qualify for at least the standard mobility component if nothing else under the unfamiliar places criteria .

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It would be different if I had family/friends close at hand I could rely on. It’s one of the drawbacks of being socially isolated and not getting support from the likes of social services.

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