They know what I am thinking because they insert the thoughts in my head

They are masters of my reality. They are watching all the time. They make others say what I am thinking. Cos it’s a glitch in the matrix. I don’t know more. I know that this trumanomatrix is real beyond doubt. They press the + button and make people fat, they press the - button and make people slim etc.

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I have no control over my thoughts and actions. I am slave to their whims

But what’s the role of arts in this trumanomatrix? This is a question that persists.

They upload all incidents of life. They upload birth and death.

They say there are 999 layers of Matrix, one upon another, one within another. Like dreams inside dreams

I’m so confused, I took a benzo

You are being delusional. You shouldn’t try to figure out things that can’t be figured out, it will get you nowhere and you will just put yourself and your mind in a bad place.

Try talking to someone close to you if you need help to calm down. Keep yourself busy with something you like so that you don’t ruminate. Take it easy.

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That’s exactly what I do. Futile, right?

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My endeavour to do the unthinkable, to go beyond everything is a bit grandiose

Yeah, I’ve been there myself. My mind was trying to crack the code to unravel the secrets of the universe.

I haven’t had a psychosis in quite some time so when I look back in retrospective now I understand that my mind going off like that did nothing positive for me. I was unable to function, hold a job or communicate in a meaningful way with people. My mind was controlling me instead of me controlling my mind. I was thinking about stuff that was totally irrelevant for my present or future.

It’s a hazzle to take medication, but at least I am able to function and quiet down my mind.


So now you are high functioning?. I also don’t communicate with meaningful way with others. I just say yes or no, usually nodding

I wouldn’t say high functioning. There are still issues with side effects from medication.

I’m not a big talker either, but good at listening. I communicate ok with people, I am able to have a part time job.


what meds are u on now?

which meds are u on now?

You’re asking me? Chlorpromazine, haloperidol, clozapine. I am in total panic right now. No one believes me. They are all part of the plot

I wanna talk to the director right now

Hey, director, you find it funny or amusing that I am recorded all the time?

I’m on zyprexa.

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My intuition says that you have 9 assistant directors. And each of them has 9 assistant directors, and each of them has 9 assistant directors ad infinitum

OMG, I’m so afraid