They demand positivity from eachother

We are all horrified, dying, and in pain.

And people demand that you talk sweet and happy.

Thats one of the cruelest things i’ve ever heard of actually.

What a shame.

From now on if someone is crying out, angry, scared, ill try and pay more attention instead of shunning them for it. How could i ever ask or demand someone talk happy, cheerful, sweet, etc…

Only a cold selfish heart would do that. A heart made of stone.

Nothing like being mortal and in agony and then someone saying “say something happy or get out”.

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I opened up to a group of people when I was in severe pain emotionally, and immediately got shunned and noticed ppl going out of their way to avoid me. Nonsense, if someone tells me their problems I feel it too and try to empathise and be a support beam, not a bulldozer of ‘if u don’t have something nice to say…’

I always try to be as positive as I can be. I just want to be given the same respect as I’m expected to return.

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You and me, we are agreed on that.

I think that respect is over-rated, and it most certainly is not the basis for treating others well as so many try to do.

You hear it all day every day, respect, or should we say worship? People want worship to be honest, i think that respect is a weak term for what people expect and desire dontcha think?

It’s just in this situation respect doesn’t do it for me, it doesn’t feel good, someone may respect an ability or trait i have or anything about me really but that doesn’t help me in this kind of situation. And i would actually be confused as to why anyone would treat me well based on respect alone, i just don’t get it.

Besides, i can surmise what most do respect, and i don’t want to be that, that would be bad for me and others.

It does make for a relationship built on lies.
What can one really expect to have from that?
Not much.

ya it’s really hard to find someone who listens to one’s sorrows, when you do your best to be supportive you might not find the same support when you need it, I tend to remind my family and friends about that, it helps sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t.