They all know I’m crazy now

If they didn’t already I had such a fun time with my mom at home goods. I convinced her to buy me this

I lost my shyness and inhibitions. I was talk to everybody. Afterwards we walked into michaels and talked to more ppl. Then I went into petco asked the guy if they groom dinosaurs. He said maybe he can check out the reptile section with his cousins. I said dinosaurs are birds. He called em aviors he knew more than me. Cool guy. We went home disappointed.

I told the lady at the counter it’s just like my Dino from childhood and she said awwww how cute. I said 31 years old still likes to play with toys. She told me a story all about her daughters.

Probably could’ve got some women’s number but I’ll let that sit a little bit. First time I’m confident I can’t ask for a number. Next time tho :point_up:


There was a mug that said “1 cat away from crazy”. I said “I think we have 1 too many”

And lady next too us laughed

I was reeling and dealing with the humor lol.

I kept saying I wanted #4. At the register.

I kept saying “next up #4”. “Next up #4”. The next one was “next up #4”. The lady said “I HEARD YOU SAY IT TOO”. I said there were no coincidences. But then I said I WANTED #4 for myself. Cuz it was my lucky number I said.

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No one seemed to have a problem

Could you not have conducted yourself with a bit more dignity?? Dont let yourself be defined as crazy

dude i am a dignified beast

dont be jealous imma ■■■■■■ beast

they all laughed and no one thought i was crazy until i said i was

im just saying


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