These seizures omg

I have memory loss and it feels worse everyday. It takes me hours to figure out who I am, I am scared of myself. Everyone thinks Im normal. I lose touch with reality. I forget Im pregnant, forget I have a kid, forget I have two boyfriends, forget I am buddist, forget there is a God all together. Sometimes the stress of being stalked by my boyfriends ex and my ex makes it worse. Maybe its the pregnancy!

Do u know birthplace of Buddha…??? A Question …!!!

The more you care about these things and put yourself under pressure to remind who or what you are the worse the condition will become.

Um. India right? I see what your saying.

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I try to remind myself of the good things. Im making a video of all the things i need to remember watch it everytime i wake up. Try it youll like it too.

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No its nepal where i belong…

Well, on the bright side, everything is new again.

You have two boyfriends??

I wish I had two girlfriends. Actually I wish I had a hundred!!! :slight_smile:

I had also memory loss due to high dose of medicine, than I requested my psychiatric that I was forgetting my yesterday, so please reduce my dose.

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