These girls

these girls on are all so high maintenance, they all go to gym or cycle and other exercises, also like clubbing sometimes, they are all too good, i mean how do you compete?

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I hate dating site girls…you know why they are on there? because no guy in their area is stupid enough to date them…that’s my opinion anyway…dated ONE girl off the internet, from actually. only good that came f it was meeting her roommate AKA my current GF…


I hear people all the time meeting people on not many make it past the first date or so I hear.

Probably all isn’t true. You’re probably better off finding someone in person if you want something long term. Idk

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It depends on the dating site you use. POF is for trashy hookups and old people who don’t understand technology. I used OK Cupid and it worked great for me. Getting married in a few months.


Those high maintenance girls won’t look so wonderful when they are about 30 years older. And if they are smart they won’t say they are high maintenance any more.

I was on pof and had to get off of there because I thought all the men that was contacting me were the police or worked for the government and we’re trying to get information from me. I’m not high maintenance. I truly wanted to find someone that can tolerate my weirdness. It didn’t work out to say the least.

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these girls were in their 30s

and @EmilyTheStrange i know what you mean, but i dont get any messages and i’m afraid to contact people, they all have great jobs and exercise and are way out of my league. its not fair

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Online dating is usually not very strategic for men. Women are much more likely to be way more cautious, which generally means there will be a lot more men than women on a dating site. Then men are much more likely to be the pursuers, which means that this small group of women will receive tons of messages from tons of guys every week. Then these women are cautiously going through all these messages, and won’t message back the vast majority of them. These are very poor odds for guys trying to get a message back, or who are waiting for women to message them first.

Plus many women rely on many subtle, intuitive clues about a man before feeling comfortable enough to try dating him. Your body language, your tonality, your expression, your eyes - everything. But there is none of that in-person interaction on the internet, so most women will be very flaky because there’s just not the normal means to get comfortable with you.

Men will generally stand a much better chance just trying to meet and talk to women in person than on dating sites IMO.

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I felt the same way

Me tooooooo!

I’m like, oh you think I’m pretty huh? Who sent you??

I’m on okcupid but I ignore it now since I feel like I’m catfishing the dudes there since I’m sz and not open about it. Ahh, if they’re going to discriminate, then they don’t get my truth.

And yea, the popo really do monitor the internet, but it’s more likely that they’d read you messages instead of sending you messages.

Of course, I say that as someone who feels they got sent messages by intelligence agencies posing as people on whisper app, but meh (shakes sz diagnosis in air as proof that these thoughts are inevitable)

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Lmao yup! I didn’t tell anybody I have schizophrenia except this one guy who had some sort of mental illness as well. One of the guys that messaged me actually was a cop he said and that sparked everything in my head to where I didn’t trust anyone. I was also way to scared to go and meet some strange man somewhere. To me evryone is like a killer lol


Eeep! Well, if one literally was a cop, I too would be paranoid.

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man plenty of fish is more less like a pointless version of facebook… just training to sell the self and look at who is around and single…

if a girl does respond on there… you probably shouldn’t mess with it and vice versa…

go out! go out into the world!

go to school… get a job… build a friend group… if you want to meet people those are the most viable routes…

I made an account on christianmingle. I didn’t pay for it though, so I can’t talk to anyone. I said I had schizophrenia and that I’m fat with no picture and no job, and I still get likes essentially. A lot of the guys great catches but I’m too scared of driving a car to meet any of them. Such a shame. If I could just get over my fear of driving maybe I could have a life. I can only barely drive to school, appts, grocery store, and pharmacy. I’m too much of a coward to drive to new places.

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I sometimes wonder if guys realize what it’s like from the gal’s perspective on a dating website. I tried OKCupid once and it was just an overwhelming riot. My inbox would get flooded every day just because there are less women on there than men, and for a gal like myself who is just average looking and not used to very much attention, that sort of situation is kind of frightening TBH.

About 90% of messages were just like
"Hey whats up"
“How r u?”

And nothing else. So I would look at their profiles, but we wouldn’t have anything in common, I wouldn’t understand why they messaged me, other than that they were spamming “How u doing” en masse to all females within a zip code range.

The other 10% were a mixture of strangely passive-aggressive ones, or they would be trying to argue with me about something I had in my profile, like a political view or something (since they had all those questions you could answer).

There were only a few that I actually talked with back and forth since we seemed to have things in common, and then they would just stop responding, either randomly, or after trying to make things sexual and I would dodge it.

It was all just very awkward and nerve-wracking. Even on my most socially anxious days I would rather get to know people in person at some shared hobby thing or whatever when it comes to dating.

I’m a guy, but I gte what you are saying about people on dating sites…I was on POF and, OKcupid for a while, and even though I was listed as Hetero I kept getting likes from guys, and the few girls who did message me were talking about marriage in their first message! The one who didn’t talk like a crazy was a whore, I learned that after dating her a while, and as I said, the only good that came of it was meeting my current GF. and that was only in a round about way, if I gone to the flower shop in the next city over once or twice I porlly would have met her anyway!

And I HATE guys who try to make it a sex thing ebfore the relationship gets established…I am very old school in that sex is something you do when you love someone, not because you have an urge…I have gotten into fights with guys going after my friends where on the second date they get all pissy because they haven’t gotten in bed with them yet.

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Welp, my guess is that those of us who have tried online dating and thought it was crazy and weird, were probably just not meant for that culture lol. But it would be a shame for people to form conclusions about the opposite sex based on those weird experiences, so that’s why I wanted to share what the other side of the coin is like. I think it’s a bit of a culture unto itself, a sort of shallow, rushed hookup culture that just feels extremely jarring and weird if you’re trying to form a normal bond with somebody. Obviously most guys are not like that in person, or even in general, like the ones I encountered on there. So I hope most guys can see that dating normally isn’t like the creepy or shallow women they may have met on the sites.