Plenty of Fish dating website? Salvation Army junkie is out there, use with caution!

Do folks browse around dating websites? That was a new one to me, my Salvation Army junkie hung out there, ladies beware!

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That’s not funny but damn it was funny…the ole bait and switch go to the salvation army for vhs tapes ploy…


Never been on a dating website. One that caught my interest was one called Bumble. But I still won’t use it though.

He initiated the date by asking if I’d like to go to the symphony!
Omg, VCR tape rack at the Salvation Army was nothing close to the local colleges symphony orchestra concert - lol


Never heard of Bumble either…

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I met my girlfriend on POF. happy ever since.

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I never used a dating site before…it seems like a crap shoot though…riddled with salvation army vhs tapes and old bubblegum…but maybe I’m just getting old…I have a few friends who found some level of success using dating sites…just be careful…

I was on POF a long time ago and when I joined, the response from men was overwhelming…but of course I never met up with any of them thinking they all worked for the government. Lol oh well

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Women have to make the first move on Bumble, which seems to mean a better dynamic.

Im on pof

but i think other woman may of malciously posed as me and my profile.

Im also concerned that those men who have contacted me either have young children or want children or they might secretly be married n in to biggame or be wanting to steal from me and use me and maybe even give to there gf n friends too. etc
or they want my energy in another womans body is a usual n my eyes often too.the woman might feel high get paid more etc n the man might too.
Finding a genuine man that could love me n be good to me without stealing from my inner riches or being up to horrid stuff.

Ive only met one man from pof which did not go well.

Those that write to me only write few times then it stops.
I dont feel right about it right now but do want meet someone n do have hope.

POF is kinda of a casual dating site, I browse it once in awhile, but have not found anyone I wanted to contact. Heard lots of complaints from gals about most of the sites, I can’t be bothered with it anymore.

Harder for women, I would expect as there are probably 100 guys for every gal, and they all get tons of e mails to sift through, be hard to find the legit ones like that.

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not met anyone yet lol

I might try okcupid. Never liked pof but okcupif wasn’t bad

I had no idea there were so many., eharmony, and now all these too.

I met Phil, we’re good bonding and lifestyle.

I just dropped the bomb, I’m pd sz. and have been in and out of ER and wards.

He says he’s not worried, and hugged me, but kind of acted like it was no big deal.

Yeah. It is, but it isn’t. Some of these guys will say we all have issues,
yes, I know, I’m not looking for special treatment, just my family, daughter, others,

know it’s serious.

Lol @ farmers only dating site…because city folks just wouldn’t understand…lol

??? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

they wouldn’t let me post that, so here’s the words.

The ladies hold all the cards on dating sites. For men, it can be quite depressing, feeling such a sense of futility and judgement. For women it can be quite disheartening, as the majority of men they encounter therein are generally defective or just â– â– â– â– â– -brains.

What? Lol can I buy a few vowels…


with you, either they post sincerely and you hate it, and laugh,

or you spin the topic into a dark light with humor.