Why are these celebrities after me

Today I felt Cher was talking to me and she was upset at me I don’t know what I said. There is a small rumor going around that people want me dead, and she said that they should gag me first. If there wasn’t a rumor going around I doubt she would have said that.


Nobody wants you dead, you have to keep believing that. If people wanted you dead, you would be dead. People just don’t care, most of them don’t even notice you passing them by. Mind reading doesn’t exist. It’s just paranoia, man… paranoia means you need to up your dose or maybe contact your pdoc for a med change…
Stay strong.


When I feel celebrities are stalking me I usually leave the tv off no radio for awhile I stay way from social media no YouTube no googling celebs.

Pretty much take a small time out, till your mind is relaxed and not overwhelmed.

Anything that causing you to panic simply take a break from it. Maybe listen to classical music. Try painting or drawing your emotions. If you have pet spend some quiet time bonding.


Thanks @Andrey. I hope so. But I am afraid of people reading my thoughts especially close friends and celebrities. There is this black woman always telling personal information about myself.

I don’t believe in life after love.


Hey, listen. Doesn’t mean she really knows you in person. Maybe you have auditory hallucinations which means you distort what you hear based on what you subconsciously expect to hear, or something like that. Or maybe just coincidences.

I hope you don’t have anything against black people btw :slight_smile:

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It is real and it is a wake up call, the interpreter Jung called it “synchronicities”, it is really just the Tao or way talking to you, this is what happens if you try to take on everything. I get it too.

Please explain what you mean by “take on everything”.
Anyway, if these synchronicities were real, why so few people get them? Wouldn’t they be more widespread?

The more one tries to be one with the universe, to be the centre of the storm, the more sensitive and in synch one becomes with the weather.

This is his book titled: Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal


This same guy who came up with this theory also believes in ghost. We’re just trying to cope, were not mind readers.

Jealousy of you will get them nowhere !

Celebrities don’t even know about you and are not after you, I used to think the gals from the show charmed were sending me messages, now on meds I know thats just silly

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I don’t want to think bad thoughts about them. Or have intrusive thoughts that they can hear. I am so afraid of thinking intrusive thoughts about celebrities and their relatives. I feel someone out there hates me and putting these voices in my mind. The voices said I was going to die but I hope not Not soon nor ever.

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Nobody wants to die. Voices are liars. Relax and just do what you like as much of the time as possible. And don’t isolate yourself from people.

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