These are tough times

I felt my sanity slipping tonight :frowning: was thinking strange thoughts,

My music helped me


Tough times indeed. I don’t know what will help me. I still am searching the corners of my mind for some small piece of sanity in this madness.


I decided to accept that I am ill again today, to lower the unreasonable expectations I have for myself sometimes. I don’t have to preform. I don’t have to be my best self. I’m ill and maybe always will be to some degree, even if the sza symtoms went away I’d still be ill for other reasons or maybe the PTSD.

music is basically saving my sanity ,

I really feel for the ones who are isolating atm idk what i would do, i think to myself what if i have to isolate and my mental health gets worse?

yeah I’m struggling tonight. I’m just afraid. Not afraid of anything specific, just afraid.

If the country really is talking about me, imagine how I feel…

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