There's so much i want to do

like exercise, reading, practicing piano and violin and recorder.

something stops me from doing these beautiful things regularly.

it’s like I need a partner to do things with.

or is it sz again?



Sometimes I ask myself the same question. I think it could be sz but also lack of motivation could be brought about by not being able to do things together with someone. Sometimes I ask myself What’s the use? and quit on life, but it is important to look after oneself. Maybe think ahead and ask yourself if your musical ability could be shared with someone else, like playing for someone’s listening pleasure, or join an exercise group or the gym, so you exercise with someone else… Don’t know what else to suggest, just thought I’d write a few lines because I know how you feel…

hi saadiqah. i tried joining a gym class three times a week but my mom wasn’t well so i had to stay at home and do my best there.

oh well. maybe next time. how are you saadiqah?


I know exactly how you feel. It’s frustrating! I’ve had a two week break from school and want to play video games, read, and play my guitar but all I’ve done is sit at the computer, smoking. I wish there were meds to address the lack of motivation. It’s a negative symptom. My old therapist told me that routine is what breaks it. Maybe if you started going to the gym at the same time on the same days that would help.

I’m sorry your mom wasn’t well. I hope she’s doing better. :sunny:

thanks for the well-wishes for my mom sungirl.

sometimes I think the relative isolation from social life does it to me – it drains my motivation entirely.

it is just that I want real friends not people who want to “nurse” me out of my affliction, and get paid for it somehow someway…