Theres 50 of us

Ha… There’s exactly 50 users on this site!

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Really? I just came on…did I make it 51 D:

Am I the Puerto Rico to the United States (if they ever become a state)
DO we have to change the flag! D::::

hehe jk.

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Haha… Actually just looked again there’s more than 3000 users but my page only shows 50… Who knew… Go to users and check it out… I don’t know how to see the other thousands…

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O it’s actually 3700 and something… It only showed who was active from the 3rd till today…

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Oh yeah you are right! There probably are about 50-80 or so active users, though. Maybe less?

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That’s what I’m thinking…wonder what happened to the rest? Maybe this site s a phase kinda thing… Like u can cope for little while than blow it off like another hobbie… I sure hope that’s not the way for me…
I’ve never done social media but hey a community I can actually communicate with… It’s a blessing so far…

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Most of the people here who I respond to and who respond to me are very familiar names. I have been lucky to get to know some of these great people.

Some people come just to ask one question or are relatives of someone with sz/a and don’t stay long.

I feel that perhaps people who do not have sz/a and join the site may not have much to relate with or advice to give. I like this community, because I can relate to many symptoms others have and others can relate and give advice. Just the other day, I had a post and many respondents had been through similar things. As a result, they had great advice to give.

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Likewise, some people come when they need it. Some people appear to come every few months or so for advice.

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Ya I found this site a few days ago cause I needed it… But I really don’t feel like I fit in…and even less now cause some one just told me to shove off for caring about some guy because I felt he was being attacked for his beliefs… I understand there wrong but u don’t attack the guy u attack the beliefs…IDK being treated like that makes me realize why some might not come back to this site…

We sz can get upset easy. Some things or comments can hit sore spots. I recommend that you attempt to make a compromise. I took a peak over at some comments and believe I found the thread you are referring to.

I wouldn’t take anything to heart.

Ya I conceded… Just IDK shook up about it… Knew there was a reason o stayed off social media sites… I’ll just be a silent viewer for awhile… Thanks for understanding…

Nah,you can post when you want. Your posts are always welcome and will be appreciated.

Don’t worry about it, honey :two_hearts: One of the great things about this place is that a disagreement isn’t the end of the world. People bicker here all the time and then move on.

You stood up and said something when something bothered you: good. You learned more about the history and culture of the site: good. You acknowledged that there were underlying issues you weren’t aware of, and recognized their validity: good.

It’s all good here, so please don’t feel like you have to be quiet because of it.

You’ll also learn to recognize how people respond to things like that. @anon40540444 and @velociraptor will be blunt. @Gir will be wry and clever. @Minnii, @anon9798425 and @everhopeful will be logical. You will be kind :sparkling_heart: That’s a good thing.


Lol… Thanks… It’s hard not to take things to heart but I know y’all are right… I did read something on not failing victim to certain religions but never even considered someone would just abandoned the help they receive for some bogus cure… I just felt the guy was being honest bout having sz and maybe his symptoms stoped… doesn’t mean there will never be a set back for him… But if he’s offering a miracle solution and expects people to follow him than he dose need to be corrected and stopped… so I fully support those attacking him and sorry to @anon40540444 for snapping at him… Just a over sensitive person sometimes … :slight_smile:

Dude (or dudette), it’s all good. My spidey senses tingle when people post the stuff he was, and I don’t take too kindly to the charlatans who come on here with some pie-in-the-sky idea about schizophrenia. A tragedy of this disease can be the sneaky-brained thinking it inspires. I’ve seen a fair number of good people on here end up relapsing because they stop their meds. So when people come on here and advocate anti-psychiatry nonsense, I bristle and bite back, and try to bite hard so as to dissuade people from taking foolish advice from deluded charlatans. Hope this clarifies some stuff for you, as I know you don’t have much history on this site. :slight_smile:

When I first joined, I think Pixel sassed me :scream: bad. Hehe I laugh at it now because I had it coming :slight_smile:

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Ya it does… I forgot there’s manipulative people in the world… I stay away from news and media… And most people… Kinda forgot that people can be well people… only deal in close contact with family and I’m so use to them … Otherwise I keep a positive distant attitude towards all never engaging enough to get a glimpse at the evil that dwells in them… I know of my own evil but even him I try to turn towards the light… So Ya totally understand ur defensiveness… Thanks for sticking up for those who may not have the wisdom uve developed…

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O and I’m a dudette… Lol…

some join just to promote sz produced cartoons :stuck_out_tongue: