Theres 50 of us

Dont worry too much its more love on here than hate.

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e(Y)e Have thus Shallow Heartbeating Feeling of Thine Divine With (OR) Without tha NexXxt Step Of ,

Friendship … ,

As if e(Y)e Am On tha Wrong Syde of tha Fence … ,

and e(Y)e’m All Within “things like that” … ,

e(Y)e Swear e(Y)e Am tha Smartest Guy on tha Planet … ,

Fo Reels Yo (!!!) <-------- (see I’m still funny) < --------- (yep yep tha funniest) … ,

Point is thus … ,

Grab a Sweet Drink .

Put on Your P.j.'s .

Grab Some RITZ Crackers .

and Go to Google .

and Look Up Pictures of Each and Every Colour Within tha Rainbow .

and .

And .

& .

Lissen to thus Album (!!!)


( A New Start Part 2) - ( Have a Great Nite) - ( Yayayayayaya )


and With All of tha Colours From that Infuriating Rainbow , Go Buy Some Scotch Tape and Fill Your Walls With Colours … ,

( YAP YAP ) .

I wish it was easier to tell. I just learned tonight that @Turnip is too.

we should make a thread where everyone says their gender some day XD. That way we won’t mix this up. I’ve had a simialr problem.

You only hurt the ones you love.




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