There were shadows in my room

Last night I was trying to sleep but I couldn’t because I kept seeing the shadow figures in the corner of my room watching me. Then I would see the shadow in the reflection of my full length mirror and I would turn to look and it wouldn’t be there. It was horrifying. It made me panic and paranoid and not able to close my eyes for a long time. I’m hoping the Loxapine I got today takes care of this today. I can’t take another night like this.



Sorry For Your Troubles For Starters.

And Now Thus!.

The Band Arcade Fire Has A Song Where The Vocalist Talks About Shadows And He Sing’s Nervously, ‘Some Of Them Big, Some Of Them Small’.

I Once Had That Album…, Before It Got Stolen.

The Name Of The Album Is, ‘Funeral’. Don’t Worry About The Title. It’s A Fun, Unique Trend Of Timeless Classics.

The One To Worry About Is, ‘Neon Bible’. That One Is Jus As Good As The First, If Not Better. Depending On Your Mood.

Either Or, Maybe Check The Band Out. You Might Find A Sense Of Connectivity As To Why You Are Seeing Strange, Eerie Shadows. OF TERROR (!!!).


Terror You Can Go Home Now. . . . . . .

Im sorry, the shadow people are the worst, turning on lights makes them go away usually but that’s not conducive to sleep but maybe turn on a lamp but cover it so the light is dimmed so it’s bright enough they aren’t there but not too bright to prevent sleep

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I get these too. I just stare at them awhile and go back to bed.

I’ve been so traumatized by them that I sleep with my door cracked a little bit and a nightlight. They were truly ghastly when I first experienced them about 3 years ago.

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That sounds scary. I hope you get some relief soon.

The only hallucinations I experience when going to bed are closed-eye hallucinations, and they’re pretty rare. I worry more about my nightmares.

i used to see shadow creatures too but when they changed my meds it stopped.

I used to see shadows when off meds or when I messed up my meds skipping a dose.

I hate the shadows. I try and close my eyes to make them go away. I hope your meds work out

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Had shadow people since I was young, always seem to be watching, observing. They’ve never seemed to be malevolent. I don’t believe their intention is to hurt me.

Medication helped me.

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