Believe in my voices

my voices are real ppl
that date back to many many years ago
when my voices begin what the call “true threats”
threats that will happen to me if i disbelieved them … i should believe them or their threats will happen to me… so every threat i become scared or they harm or hurt me
there is a saying that say “”“”“person who can be easily scared … he become in safe from others harm”“”"
so whenever they threaten me i become scared
untill now i cant disbelieve them after 13 years roughly

so i am here to prove to you that they are real ppl
i feel myself …chatting with other ppl remotely
today for example
i felt i m on top of geniuses of the world when they said to me … your incredibly genius… dont leave egypt or you become betrayed person to your country
egypt need your geniusness
egi -cia will not kill you they dont kill anyone
-dont fear them just live in egypt

in google keep i exploded from their lies “”“”“” how can they see you inside buildings …there is no such technology by satellites ever never"“”"
they keep saying “”"may be there is things you dont know … we may be real ppl “”
my mind say ""ök ""without my permission "

i keep believing them without my wanting that

but they are real ppl believe me
i feel them like chatting with me threatening me every now and then
and saying we suspecvt your spy how is that !!!
I have my national id and everything

hours ago even minutes ago they say we want you to suicide ?? how is that ?? idk !!!


my greatest friend in facing them!

Did you ask your pdoc about a med increase yet?


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What an insensitive and unnecessary thing to say.

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