There is possibility that i can be cured

From 100% symptoms, now i have only 10% symptom. My hope is to eliminate my train of thoughts, so far with supplement i have improved to some normal functioning level. My anxiety and insomnia will be cured within six months i can guarantee on that, so far the only thing that prevents me from being the same as an healthy person is the side effect of medication. If God willing i will be able to cure my racing mind i will be able to reduce my med to 1mg or even get off from med, but If for any reason i become delusional, than my diagnosis have to be change to delusional disorder, in that case i wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, but i will still be thankful that i would be taking very low dose, find a good paying job and live as if i dont have mental illness.


That sounds like a good plan. I’m glad your working with a doc on this and not winging it.

Congratulations on the hard work and improvement. I’m rooting for you.


Thank you J. I wish prosperity to you and rest of the people on this forum.

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7 percent symptom free, :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

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I am happy for you @Mindwhisperer this is really good news

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You know it’s possible you can be completely cured. There is so many research being done on mental illness. People believed things couldn’t be cured years ago that are now simply cured by a pill.

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A hundred years ago we where riding horses. A hundred years later we have sattiles in outerspace that can make you communicate to people on the otherside of the world… And what does a phone cost 50$?

Impossible to cure actually.

Hell, it’s not even a disease really.

For this problem to leave you it/he/she/they must leave you alone. And baboom your cured.

Me, they mean to kill, this other guy though, he joined their most prominent cult and they left him be it seems.

Perhaps it would be absolutely worth it just to spit in their faces. Ha!

How did you know @pansdisease . I am apart of the first cult of the Turks :wink:

Nice, I’m glad that to hear that you’re felling better…Any way as I always say there are nothing wrong with SZ, it’s not a disease, it is a certain state of mind, I’ve lived most of my life SZ free, but I had it since childhood, so if u saw a shadow or heard a sound from time to time then don’t freak out because even normal people get that sometimes :smile: when u feel you’re self off SZ then you don’t have it… As long as there are no delusions then you’re fine …good luck with your recovery :blush: :sunny:

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4% left to be totally symptom free, :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

I reduced my med to 1.5mg. Seems like i am having a little withdrawal symptoms, its been 9 days already, hopefully i do well with low dose. My plan is reducing to 1mg. This winter.

Good to hear, and also happy to know that you’re working with a doc on this, too.


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Still 4 % left to be symptom free. In 3 days i will be taking 1.25mg risperdone. The medication had damaged neurologically and physically because of wrong treatment by my pdoc. But thats okay, i am going to come off from medication within 8 monts.