Anyone here cured?

I know most people don’t believe that’s possible but for me it took acceptance
that this life is strange and just like the dark worlds we visit in our dreams this world isn’t our true home.
I stopped expecting the world around me to be competent enough to manage fair relations; dropped out of participating with society and just patiently waiting out my life indoors with my hobbies and such

Kind of what Otis Redding was on about

Once you accept you’ll calm down, the excess chemicals won’t flow so much and you’ll cross wires less.
And then, when you get grip, you’ll find that no matter how much sanity you regain most people around us are not playing a fair game and you’ll be able to discern others’ lies from personal paranoid cynicism
-You’ll start to see through others VERY easily.


You said you’ll start to see through others, that’s kind of more scary than being paranoid isn’t it? I feel like I can do the same thing. Feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore

My illness is well-managed, but I’ll never be cured. A good part of managing things is avoiding people who stress me out and trigger symptoms.


How did you do it?

There is no cure. Only finding the right med combination. It took me a long time to get to a place where I’m doing okay.
Just my opinion



I look at it like this; the others are not our keepers but more so our fellow inmates.
You have no conspiracy to fear coming from those around us; only need to understand that
they are crazy too in their own ways but in ways which also make them selfish.

I think we question those red flags that come to us about others because we are aware that we are easily paranoid but I’ve found it safe to rely on those red flags hiding some genuine concern that we exaggerate.

ie; “I met someone new, I fear they might want to harm me” is an over-exaggeration to the more realistic “I met someone new but I get the impression they are using me for some reason and will leave me once I am of no use to them anymore.”

The flags of doubt do have some merit.

Also, as far as conspiracy goes, I don’t believe this world is of malicious intent; all rabbit holes I have been down suggest that our current life is the bi-product of science trying to make things better despite that science not yet being sophisticated enough to do so properly or ethically.


I’m not sure about Squirrel
but for me…

…it was kind of easy as I grew up enjoying comic books, sci-fi stories like Total Recall and a big fan of shows like Twilight Zone and McGoohan’s The Prisoner

Through novelty and humor of the weird situation I eventually found acceptance.

Also I think people don’t consider that we may live eternally; if such were the case this life would be like playing a thirty minute video game so whether or not successful or if we are being played like fools - this experience is only one very small and short game during our eternal legacy.

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Don’t have to be

I’m treated so I can live my life

im doing so so right now as I don’t have positive symptoms. just hypnogogic hallucinations.but am on meds.

my main concern with coming off meds is my past history of heavy drinking, one night of drugs,and one night of drug overdose.
also I feel I have low confidence which stresses me and stress is not good for mental health
I wil still hope to give it a shot coming off meds one day a long as my voices don’t return before that time

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If I were cured, I would become substantially smarter, I would completely get rid of intrusive thought content, and I would become more energetic.
So if I could get a cure it would be nice.
However, I am ready to survive even without a cure.


that’s wat im would be a difficult life thou

Thank you, just in the knick of time, did u ever belief other people were of malicious intent? And slowly realized they werent? I wonder if I have something other than schizophrenia

I can dig that. Good song choice btw. But I know that if I went off my meds I would be harder for society to deal with. I’m glad they don’t execute me lol. When I was in my psychosis I got attacked and robbed multiple times. Nobody ever did anything about it because I looked crazy. Crazy and unreliable are not the same thing. But anyway, tangent. I don’t call myself cured because I have had relapses but I feel better now. I think a lot of crazy stuff I thought is actually truth but at the same time I’d rather paint and make music than stand on a box ranting at people who think I’m crazy to change their ways. Earth is weird.


I’m not “cured” but my illness is now well managed without the use of medications. I think that’s as close to cures as you can get


Cool. @Hanna_Foxx

How long have you been off antipsychotics for now?

I’ve had SZ for over a quarter of a century now. Most of it has been good, no real complaints. Having SZ need not interfere with living a meaningful existence.


i am on meds and i feel like im suffocating i find it difficult, but ur right it can still be meaningful

The first year was the absolute worst and the next four challenging, then things started getting better as the meds and my head starting getting sorted out.


this is good to hear. it makes me feel hopeful and more positive

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LS! I am 61 and tried everything in the way of a cure. It is just impossible. Maybe you believe that you can cure Down syndrome with vitamin C too.