I think there could actually be a cure


i do, i think it is possible :slight_smile:

the way i have felt tonight is the best for ages,

i feel like a kid rolled up in bed content

i think there could actually be a cure

i must be doing something right anyway :thumbsup:


Glad to here things are going good for you. I hope it continues! :smile:


I feel fine until I walk out my door and I’m bombarded by other peoples trips. But I go out anyway.


haven’t felt like that since i was a kid lol

felt like someone just took my brain and put it in a cradle :wink:


Glad you are feeling so well! I believe there has to be a cure for Schizophrenia…


tonight must be the closest i have come to a cure

i am still medicated but i feel the most normal i have since maybe i was a boy


idk what you mean @SnowyOwl1


That is really great news @Daydreamer. Glad to hear you finally get to enjoy some good days.

I hope many more come your way.

I’m a bit on the not so optimistic side… I don’t think there is a cure… I don’t think I will ever be recovered…

But I do believe in a good long stint of remission and the ability to do well in life despite having this head circus.

I do believe in good days and more to come.

Happy holidays.


im also a little bit on the not so optismistic side. everytime i thought maybe ive been cured , the symptoms come outta no where like a ton of bricks. but i do enjoy the good days!


daydreamer, I guess it will be a progressive cure anyway.


when i reach a level that i am content with then i believe that i am cured (even if i am still medicated)


Its a good feeling which I recognize. Being curled up in bed and peacefull after a long day. Although for me its usually when Im not that involved in psychiatry.


I love that feeling you are talking about Daydreamer.
There will be a cure-the only question is when…
Hope you hold on to that feeling!