Therapy plus ๐Ÿ’‰

I am doing a lot better I guess :thinking:

Tomorrow Have :syringe: and therapy and I have to take the bus and tonight we have freezing rainโ€ฆ so :peace:


i wish you good luck at your therapy and injection.

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I will start EMDR soon too - left message at 2 clinics

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Glad to hear you are doing better. Hope the freezing rain stops before you have to go out. We get that here, too, and it can be quite messy.

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I got an appointment for EMDR ad it is expensive but she said i could put the cost in my taxes ?!

So tuesday at 2 pm i will go there :slight_smile:

There are some online articles which are pretty scary though - like EMDr ruined their lives and stuff

I had my first EMDR session yesterday and it was good.

The psychiatrist just used an application on iPad which I bought today and it is called - EMDRTherapy and the icon is 4 puzzle pieces. Every 50 seconds - I stopped watching and listening and told the doc what I was thinking about. We jus followed the natural order - and my thoughts were completely unstable. As I am - two different distinct ways thinking and doing things and sometimes even talking. It is back and forth between love/hate happy/angry hurt/empty

The doc said we will follow the natural order of things and see what happens.

Glad you had a good session with your pdoc. Hope you continue to improve as you go forward with your treatment. Best wishes.

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