Therapy going really well

Learning some pretty interesting things. I realized my anger issues are covering up a lot of underlying emotions and thoughts and until I deal with those I won’t get over the anger.

Like for instance today we talked about how it covered up sadness, and when she said I could allow myself to feel the sadness, I realized I abhorred the idea, I couldn’t stand it. That was a very interesting thing for me to realize. My rage is hiding a profound and horrific sadness, and I discovered that it’s something I am very afraid of facing. I don’t fully understand why yet.


Sounds really promising. If you don’t mind me asking, How long have you been seeing her? I want to go back into therapy but been told I’m not stable enough. Making plans to start around the end of the summer.

Not long at all, (like a month or 2?) I was recommended to her by my previous therapist who felt she didn’t have enough experience to help me best. Emdr is really amazing and that’s combined with having a therapist who just has decades of experience and has had all sorts of training in different techniques and whatnot.

It is true that therapy can be destabilizing because you’re dealing with things that can be very painful to think and talk about. But the destabilizing is short term, the benefits long term are fantastic, you can gain so many coping mechanisms, learn more about yourself and your unhealthy patterns and how to break them, become at peace with certain issues you have, etc.

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I’m glad to hear that therapy is going well for you. I’m glad you’re feeling positive.


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