I had my all day therapy in that intensive

Therapy program I’m in to learn to check facts and control emotions today. I’m working on identifying my emotions and then applying skills to cope with them.

My favorite therapist I’ve ever had told us she’s leaving. I met my new therapist for group and individual therapy and she’s really nice but new to it all. I’m so bummed. My therapist was helping me a ton. :frowning:


Went through extensive all day therapy a couple times. So much information in so little time. It was positive however and it helped me in my recovery.


Yeah. @dougRN , I’m in a one year program covered by a grant for the underinsured. I like it. But all the info can be overwhelming for sure. This weak, I thought I hadn’t used the skills I was supposed to work on but after being in therapy, they told me I had used them and done so very well. I feel really good about that


Trouble with me is I don’t really have that many emotions anymore. Blunted affect.

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My emotions are all internal. I don’t display much emotion at all.

Sounds really useful therapy to have! Im envious :slight_smile:
With anger especially I am very bad at recognising I am feeling it and then sometimes I am acting on it without realising.

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I know what it is to miss a good therapist. Her replacement is good, but not the same.

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It is very helpful so far @StarCrazy