Therapy for Avolition?


Have any of you gone to therapy to try and deal with avolition?


No, but I’ve done some therapy books for procrastination which have helped.


What is avolition?


Lack of motivation to do anything.


Oh ok. Thanks. I think therapy would help with that.


Its like I want to get something done but it feels like theres a physical brick wall in my way.

when its really bad, it could be simple as Id like to make a coffee, but then i just sit there staring into space. Id like to make it but i just cant even get up.

that ends up translating into things like difficulty to study, work, self care (make food, brush teeth, shower)

basically recently i feel ive been deteriorating. so im going to try starting therapy on the 19th for it.

some days i can just force it and say ■■■■ it and get a bunch of stuff done, but right after that im back to the same issue. its very difficult to keep up forcing.

i really hope they will have a good gameplan for me. im willing to put in the work to get there.


You work so hard, and you are up against a lot! I can relate to what you are saying. It sounds like you are hanging on, but you are exhausted. Therapy could be very helpful for you! You can receive some much needed encouragement and affirmation! Also, you could explore reasons for the lack of motivation. You might, too, learn ways to prevent the dissociation.


Thanks for the encouragement. Yes I think I will be able to learns some new strategies and more insight as to why this could be happening.


The last time I was in my therapists office I saw a workbook that looked interesting for that but I can’t remember what it was. I will check it out again next week and remember.

I am going to do CBT for depression and then anxiety and then I will get to that one. I have already done one for psychosis.


Sending the best vibes I can your way, sir. Wishing you success.



Thank you dude :blush:


very nice.
Yeah im guessing it will be some custom tailored plan with cbt , or dbt one those types.


I’m in the same boat. My therapist told me to set the bar really low. Right now I try to cheer myself on by considering every little thing I get done an accomplishment.


Good luck with the therapy. I hope it helps. I deal with lack of motivation, too. It’s hard to get anything done.


Yeah its tough, i try to break things up into micro tasks.
i think i need an actual structured plan though, otherwise im always overwhelmed


Where do you get these workbooks?


My therapist just has them in a bookshelf in her office. I thumbed through them the last time I was there. It was actually just one workbook with a whole bunch of different chapters or sections. A CBT workbook.


Therapy helps a bit.
Before therapy I couldn’t walk or do things.
Now i have a motive to do things that I will tell my therapist. Therapist motivates me