Avolition yeyeyeye

no interests whatsoever.
no energy.
no motivation.
no goals.
no hopes.
no pleasure.
no joy.
no life.


avolition causes suicidal intrusive thoughts as my friend @Chess24. feeling useless, life is painful and without interest, killing yourself seems the only option.

@Om_Sadasiva cling to life, for life is the most valuable thing imaginable.
I hope the Buddhist teachings you follow support the sanctity of life.

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yes. but I suffer. I dont wanna kill myself.

I am the same, hopefully our next life will be better, I hope to make this life better.


I hope too. I hope for a cure. for a temporary relief at least. everyday same negative symptoms is a torture. positive symptoms make me forget negatives. but meds control positive symptoms and I have none.

I bought a really nice chemistry set last year as I like science, I have not had the motivation or interest to even open the box yet.

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i see. when you bought it you hadn’t avolition?
I wouldn’t buy it in the first place. I dont like things anymore. I just smoke and drink coffee and sleep. these are my pleasures.

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I bought it when I had mania and wasted lots of money buying online.

i see. you have schizoaffective? mania or even hypomania would be a relief.

I like it when I am manic because I am happy and my negative symptoms are not so bad, but I waste money and upset and annoy people.

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is it really that bad? :crazy_face:

I once had an episode of hypomania and grandeur n I was happy. but nothing like that anymore.

yes. except I have no bad mood. no depression.

I have not been manic at all this year, I have actually felt depressed quite a lot.

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I mean is your experience of having no life bad for you? I am happy also without a life. :slight_smile:

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i never had a life but I had pleasures. don’t you have pleasures in life? I used to have. I have none.

I would od if I had something to od on, but I am not actively looking to kill myself.

od? yeyeyeueyeyeue

me neither but i wouldn’t mind dying just like that.