Resisting Treatment

I do not want to talk with my therapist. I am giving him a hard time. He is cleverer than I am and usually gets me to talk by the end of the session. I have had about 18 psychiatrists. The sessions are counterproductive. I usually end up in a psychosis afterward. He knows this. I come away with the feeling that I am an interesting fellow when I am really a big bore. Therapy is part of the treatment I am locked into to get medication which I really don’t want either but I have to have it. What do people here suggest I do?

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I think they are just trying to make you focus on the positives like a lot of these people do. It is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Taking pills is more important than talk as I’ve found.

Still. Having someone to vent isn’t a bad thing. You often find some solace there.

Meds are the most important…therapy…I don’t do it. I do pretty well without!

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I had psychotic symptoms after therapy when I started, because it ripped up a lot of old wounds, so to speak.
What I do now is I take a pill right before I go in.
It takes an hour to start working, which means it takes effect when the session ends.
Maybe try that?

Don’t oppose your therapist. Give them a chance to help you.

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