Therapist Surprised that I'm a Smoker

I’ve been seeing a new therapist at this mental health center I go to now and during my appointment yesterday I was talking about my desire to be more assertive and used as an example my generosity with giving people a cigarette and she says “Are you a smoker?” I said yes I am and she says “You ARE?!?!” as if she was befuddled by the fact that I smoke. I didn’t know what to make of this and didn’t ask her why she was so surprised (that would be assertive of me of course)

I didn’t really read much into it but I did find her reaction a little odd, especially since I’d said I was a smoker on the initial paper work I filled out before my first appointment and also told her I was a smoker probably more than once, but I guess this just didn’t get written down.

I don’t know it just struck me as odd that’s all.