New Therapist

I started therapy again on Monday. I almost left while sitting in the clinic lobby. I’ve always disliked going to therapy. If I had problems I’d feel like I was whining, if I didn’t then I wondered why I was there.

This time around I was prompted by some issues I’ve been having, yeah I know that’s vague. I’m glad I set up the appointment. My new therapist is very cool. I’ve had a number of therapists in the past, some good some bad but this one seems top notch.

She was smart, funny, and projected a feeling like she was interested in what we were talking about. I usually hate spilling my guts to a new mental health worker, going over the decades of my history, but this time it went well.

She has a thing on the wall that said, “Follow your bliss”, I remarked about Joseph Campbell and it helped break the ice. I’m pretty stoked about this new therapy.


I’m glad you like your new therapist. :smile:

i am happy for you .
take care

That’s good Malvok, I’m happy for you. I have a new therapist myself, it was a rocky start for me, but I’m starting to warm up to her style.