The world is wonderful

Here I am writing to you on another side of the world while drinking some coffee and you get this message in seconds, 25 years ago people had to mail their letters to other people taking one or more weeks to accomplish this what we can do in few seconds.


I think if you are connecting to people from all over the world, then you are using the internet correctly.

Reminds me of this comedy clip

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150 years ago it probably took months, or even years in some cases. We live in exciting times. For the first time in history life for the average person is not just a brutal struggle for existence. So much suffering has been eliminated. Let’s take care that we don’t blow it.

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Sometimes I fantasize about returning to those days, though - days where computer & internet technology felt impossible, but every other form of technology was possible to experience & improve.

We’ve definitely had to consciously evolve to fit the internet into our model of “truths”.


I have had a dream to travel to Australia and drive an auto around Australia, but I know this may never happen. Too bad.

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