I don't feel as isolated as I used to

A lot of my friends on facebook keep posting stuff about how society is going down the toilet, the world is ending, yada yada. But I mean hasn’t the world always been going through violent and worrisome times?

Look at the 60’s and the early 80’s. Maybe I am naive, but I feel that there’s still a lot of good people out there. I just feel that technology and the media isolate people a lot.

I do my best to treat people with respect. I smile at people who share my apartment complex. Some think I am nuts. But that’s just the way it is. But a lot of them are friendly with me.

I even smile at strangers a lot. And when it’s returned it truly makes my day.

I just refuse to buy this notion that things are as bad as people on social media and the corporate media make things out to be. Am I naive though? Or am I realist?


There’s evil in the world but there’s much beauty too. You can concentrate on the evil and worry endlessly about it or you can concentrate on the beauty and be happy.


Hey nick, I have to agree. I try hard to be positive and focus on the beauty. It helps me sleep at night. Thank you for your reply.


The more populated the world becomes, the more trouble will arise as people struggle to scratch out a life. Our city had fallen on harder times and there are many getting hit by thieves. I guess was you been hit a few times it hardens you and less sympathy for those out to get what they can.

I feel Isolated, i go no where other than work, the next six weekend I will be out in the community with my big truck for spring clean up, will meet some people I see every year at these events and some new ones. My stomach is turning at the thought, but will do it.


I like this post and the writing style. I too believe that the society is getting worse and the world is ending soon. It is hard to change my mind once it is deeply rooted.

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Hey Mountainman! Well good luck with your adventure(s). :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Zoom! I believe history goes in cycles, good and bad. And history repeats itself. As far as the world ending, I really don’t think it is. I respect your beliefs though and I see your perspective :v:

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Well if we don’t slow down global warming life will get more unpleasant for more people.
The water table (underground water) is at or near all time lows in many places.
Messed up wether+not enough water results in food shortages.
Plus Trump seems to be dialing back environmental regulations. One of the first things he did was get rid of a regulation keeping coal mining companies from polluting waterways. If it goes on like this maybe we’ll see the Cuyahoga River catch fire again.

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Yes. The environment is something that does deeply concern me as well.

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