I think things have been great

I think that the people all over the Internet are coming together and really killing this stigma thing! I have been seeing people become more understanding, conversing more agreeing to disagree. I think it is good that this surfaces the net. I’m a web page admin and I’ve just seen major development that is truly world changing witness with my own eyes. Now there are frustrating regrets and mind boggling feelings. I don’t know what better to do than to be more active in search for what I need in my head. A friend said so much connect the dots thing on our major world crisis as you all may know mental healthcare around the world. Organizations are collaborating people are seeing through their own ■■■■■■■■ and helping others get through theirs I really feel the strength in us individuals. We need to as a small community link up with other online communities at this rate of improvement and drill it home. I mean we can really make a change. Just the little stuff towards the right intentions. I think will clean up corruption it’s a big mess but so aren’t our attitudes. At times we are not going through the same thing that is a misnomer I feel separate and am I’m finding what I need in my quest of understanding life. I still put up with my social fuzziness but it’s workable to hear people ■■■■■■■■ their heads off I don’t mind it so much because they are in their own heads like me as I type for instance. Well I guess that’s good news have you all been noticing it too or is anyone coherent going through crisis of their own it’s okay let’s talk about it relate listen explore morally the world we live in and get our cause up in washingtons face and be like hey! Assholes we are here too! Do you recognize us? Yeah the bunch of sufferers getting reemed by big pharma all the time! Washington do something about it asap! We’re dying this way and I don’t like it need of assistance. -Lester

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Why does all great things go unnoticed? Like our military vets for example? Why must we place so much focus on minuscule everyday tidbits someone please tell me that. I already know. But still I think it so lame to talk about the same things over and over until everyone gets it. Where do the people that understand go? They help the people that don’t understand. And the cycle of evolution as a species wanders off into everyday commonalities like why can’t great things be interesting to others? I know already.