The world is crazy

I read the most CRAZY news article on BBC news today.

I actually felt really disturbed.

Anyway, things will get better.


Oddly, I’m reminded of when I read the study that said plants grow better when music is playing. When you think about it, it’s nuts. They have no ears. Maybe they can feel vibrations? I can’t remember what was in the study. But, yup, this world is crazy. The plants are crazy too.


Yes, it’s a crazy world. A mad, mad, mad, mad world.


Here in the USA there are shootings almost every day. There’s lots of other crime too. Like shop lifting gangs who blatantly shoplift without trying to hide and just rush in in large groups and take stuff. And it goes on and on. I’ve had two packages stolen from my door. People in other countries are looking at us and thinking democracy doesn’t work. I am anti gun myself.


I try my hardest to avoid all news these days but sometimes certain things leak through on social media and it really messes me up.

Don’t let this world turn your head into a banana split, @Zoe !

Stay beautiful and young at heart.



Todays lesson. Dont read news articles. Been doing it for the last 11 years and ive not missed out on much.


News used to trigger me when I was psychotic but not anymore since I am not psychotic


The News is built on popular thing at the moment, and mainly the worst of bad things. That is how they make a living. They hardly ever publish or post good thing till this time of year, with maybe a small look at heroes of giving on a holiday.


It’s a very bad situation indeed.

We still fear war in my country. :sweat:

Money and wars… :confused: sadly. Sometimes it seems that only money and pride is meaningful today.

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“When all are foolish tis’ folly to be wise.” The world is crazy, and you have to be crazy to get along in it.


The news is filled with war footage constantly

It’s really affecting me on a deep level.


What compels you to keep up with it then? Im telling you i havent kept up with any war related stuff since like 2001 and nothing bad happened because of it.

We have 0 effect on this stuff leave it to the big boys in power to deal with it.

Also something to think about, years ago we were never connected with world news the way we are today and its completely unnecessary.
Watching it all the time just taxes your cognitive load and emotional system.

Take care of yourself and watch some nature film or a comedy :blush:


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