The white things are after me again

Before my last trip to the hospital a couple months back I was seeing white, very alien like creatures EVERYWHERE. They never said anything, but their eyes made it clear that they wanted to hurt me. After 65 days in the hospital they were finally gone for a couple months… until yesterday, except this time they’re bigger and more aggressive. They talk now too. They are telling me that my medicine isn’t working, to stop taking it. Which I agree with partially. If it WERE working should I be questioning if it’s working? I feel like I shouldn’t even be asking that question if it was making me better, right?


You can get symptoms with medications. It really is a balancing act if your well enough. Go as low as you can without getting serious symptoms. You need to tell your doc. You may need an adjustment as you settle into your meds.

Meds help work for most folk. It isn’t normal thinking aliens are interfering with your life. That shite is whack and thus the need for the appropriate medication.

Better to have hallucinations than delusions… With delusions everyone starts ignoring you but with hallucinations it’s more understandable… You are hallucinating. A change in meds might fix that. I was on abilify for 3 months… Nothing. Then Latuda zapped most of my delusions in a matter of a month. The right med will help you. Tell your doctor and stick with your meds if you want to live a normal life again…

in over 30 years the only power the hallucinations were given, were given by me,

and that is because i panicked.

if they had power they would do, not try to get you to do.

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When I was a child I always saw a white man, no clothes, just pure white, chasing me. I was scared to go outside.

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