The way my mind thinks

Last night while I was on my computer with my headphones on I thought I heard this woman out in the hallway say, “I don’t want him to live here with us any more.” That thought has been bugging me, though I know it is very easy to make a mistake about what you are hearing when the sounds are distorted. I’ve made mistakes like that before. Also, my computer has been acting up, doing all kinds of weird things. I thought a certain group of people had hacked my computer and were interfering with my activity on the internet, but I got a message on my computer saying I had memory problems. I closed all my apps and shut down my computer, and then restarted it. Did I do right?

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Well, I hope you have an antivirus running on your computer at all times. Avast is a free antivirus with good reviews.

Also, if you know how to use task manager and control panel, you should be able to discover which apps / services are eating memory and should be discarded.


Those thoughts sound similar to what I was going through when my SZ was prodromal. I’d associate random crashes and graphical glitches with “hackers” subtly announcing their presence. My more sober self knows they are just random glitches now, and that even prestigious people probably don’t have elite hackers playing mind games with them. Just because my damaged brain came up with a conspiracy doesn’t mean it’s true.

You really need good treatment to quiet the brain down, paranoia is a waste of brain cycles.

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I’m sorry @crimby I think you sound unstable…maybe mention this to your pdoc.