Anyone experience anything like this?

This hacker only talks to me and my brother says he can’t hear him along with others. His brother is a psychic that can see and hear everything.
I had an experience today the brother told me stuff about my past.
He can read my mind word for word before anything is said.
Everything I say used against me.
Hacker hacked my phone and used camera to record hours of my life.
This is used against me to command me not to eat, change the rooms I’m sleeping in or to not turn the phone on.
I’m ridiculed daily by others who use walkie talkies to hear what the brother has said repeating everything that is thought of in my mind.

They watch videos of me and others in private situations on a private network.
They also comment on everything I did in private if you catch my drift.
This happens almost 24/7 even while I sleep.
Anyone else have experiences like this?

Sounds like delusions and hallucinations to me. Have you been diagnosed with something?

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No, my delusions involved alien colonists. What we have in common is we both suffer from delusional thinking. Mine is just much better managed.

are you taking any meds?

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