The Washington Post - Blood test could predict risk of suicide

A simple blood test could determine a person’s risk of suicide and provide a future tool of prevention to stem suicide rates.

In a study published online Wednesday in the American Journal of Psychiatry, researchers say they have discovered a genetic indicator of a person’s vulnerability to the effects of stress and anxiety and, therefore, the risk of suicidal thoughts or attempts.

The Johns Hopkins researchers looked at how a group of chemicals known as methyls affect the gene SKA2, which modifies how the brain reacts to stress hormones.

If the gene’s function is impaired by a chemical change, someone who is stressed won’t be able to shut down the effect of the stress hormone, which would be like having a faulty brake pad in a car for the fear center of the brain, worsening the impact of even everyday stresses.


That is good news. I did not tell my psychologist or pdoc about my SI thoughts and plans. I did not trust them. I was paranoid and also thought my psychologist was afraid of me. If they had seen this on a blood test I’d gotten help much earlier and not after I had started on my plan.