The walls are seeping, creaking

No, still in the old place. We’re probably moving in a couple weeks.


5 hour right @LED …!!!

ok. hopefully not. hopefully it wont happen to you.

I noticed it in myself. Then when i joined this place many others said the same. Sometimes the increase starts before the move. for others, not so much.

At least we have the comfort the symptoms will decrease or go away in the not too distant future.

I was so freaked out in one place we moved i ran from my own reflection. lol

In my defense, it was dark, and i did not know it was a reflection.

I wish. I was up until about 4, then up again at 6. 2 hours is pretty average, though.

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Take enough rest then … go back to sleep if ur feeling sleepy…!!! I am broke to see ur sleeping habit…

Once i used to in same boat as u…!!! I used to sleep 3 to 5 hours…those were my very painful time… that gave birth to my sz…i dont have positive symptoms but i take rispridal and seroquel just to sleep…

Life sucks… plz try to be happy as u are talented …
When i read ur post i feel confidence in myself…
Keep struggling hard…
So moral of the story is take enough rest …and try ice pack on ur back of ur head… i know u know better the me… take care…

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Sorry you’ve been freaking out. It sounds like it could be worse though. I know that doesn’t take away the paranoia you are dealing with though.

You’ll be okay. You have been doing great. It’s an everyday battle and yesterday was just hard.

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