The Voice of Crystal Meth (Night One)

I will make you very happy.
I will give you energy.
I will give you self-confidence
I will allow you to open up to your friends.
I will dance with you all night.
I will leave gently, without a fight.
I will let you get back to sleep …in maybe a day.
I will be waiting for you.
I am ready when you are.

I hope this didn’t trigger anyone. The initial lure of Crystal Meth is full of tricks and lies. Crystal Meth lies and ruins lives!.

I apologize in advance if you hate this.


I don’t hate it at all. I see what you are doing and I appreciate it.

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Thank you @Futomimi. They were all empty promises. That’s all.

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Are you seeking a way to quit? Are you looking for recovery in your life?

@77nick77 No I am not still using. I just flashbacked to it. It is such a scary drug. Grateful to be free from it. I do believe addiction lies in wait. I refuse to go to back there.


My ex-brother-in-law had a stroke because of chrystal meth. He was the clean cut all-American kid living in the suburbs with a great job, lots of friends, a boat, cars. He got into meth when he was married to my sister and later they divorced and he just started going downhill after that. Apparently, he was drinking while using meth one night and he had a stroke and it damaged 2/3 of his heart. He ended up in the ICU and after that they moved him to a place that changed his diapers and fed him. He could barely talk and he couldn’t take care of himself at all and he died at age 52.

this triggered me a little because heavy amphetamines are my DOC and what messed me up for a while but I appreciate this post

I am so sorry @unique . I didn’t mean to romanticize it or trigger you. The initial allure is a facade! I just wrote this last night. It was stupid of me to share.

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no no it’s ok it really is because it’s good to realize how harmful it is. thank you for bringing it up

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So sad and sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing.

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The ancients though we’re teaching me that if there is a bad substance then there is it’s positive opposite.

My little niece became addicted to IV meth when she was only thirteen years old. And that put her on the streets for years. Today, she is 34 years old and completely clean. She is working hard and supporting her two tweenage kids. I am so proud of her. And love her dearly.


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