The Vagina Chronicles

A lot of guys talk about their dicks constantly here so I thought why don’t we ladies have a thread to discuss OUR body issues?

Have a problem? Need advice? Want to brag? Do it here!

Personally I’m worried over my periods. My AP has caused me to just barely have a period. It’s mainly spotting. I use 1 pad and done. I also have zero desire for sex. That sucks because I’d just gotten to really enjoying it each time before going on the medications.


Zombie, I had a hysterectomy after being dx with sza. Sometimes, I think some of my symptoms may be hormonal, but, I can’t afford copay for every specialty… so I tabled this.

Anyone else?

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I have less desire for sex, but its still there.

My real vagina question is more about hair.

What’s normal pubic hair maintenance?

I keep mine short but it seems like everyone has such wildly different preferences,

Then if you watch porn its like having any hair is disgusting.

What are your feelings about pubic hair?

Am I the only one bothered by this?

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Those threads emerge spontaneously as part of the chatter. Sometimes people have concerns. A lot of the time people are just chiming in.

All I am hoping for at this point is a hysterectomy. As a transmasculine person, I want this thing gone. I currently have an IUD, which has stopped my periods, thankfully.

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You women should be able to speak freely about your sexual life just as much as us men should be.

It’s human nature, majority of HUMANS, wether male or femalex, have interest in sexual encounters.

I’m sorry about society looking down on women for being sexual even though us men have more intense sexual interests, and society doesn’t look down upon us.

I’m not trying to be a SJW here, but it’s pretty obvious people don’t view women who have a lot of sex VS men who have a lot of sex the same.

As long as someone’s not cheating on their partner or raping someone, who cares what they do?


I’m so thankful I never have to have sex again!!


Zombie, if you have the complete hysterectomy, talk to your doc about pain management beforehand. It’s the most pain I’ve ever had.

Congrat’s on your transformation!

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Ooh, thanks for the info on the pain. I figured it would be painful but that’s really good to know. Also thank you! :blush:

Zombie, any time!

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@JustTrish I had a hysterectomy too. I had one before I got on meds at age 24.

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November, I had mine several years ago. I’m 46. Sorry you had to go through that.

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It was actually a relief. I had tumors. After the first surgery at 22 they grew back so at 24 I decided on a hysterectomy. I have no regrets.


if they caught my ex’s cancer sooner a hysterectomy may have saved her life, they did it too late and it had spread :frowning:


@anon54386108 I prefer short trimmed but haven’t been keeping up lately. I really should since today I actually felt horny for the first time in a long time.

I know some people prefer it wild and some shaved.

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Keep your ovaries if you can help it! My oncologist told me that removal of the ovaries shouldn’t be done unless absolutely necessary. I guess removing them greatly increases your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Edit: As opposed to removing just the uterus and Fallopian tubes.

Re: tumors and hysterectomy - I have a lot of ovarian cysts. They burst and it hurts! I swear I’d prefer a hysterectomy over all this junk.


my friends friend has cysts on her ovaries and she had to go into hospital at the weekend, reckon one had burst now

It sucks. Luckily the stuff is absorbed so most of the time you don’t need surgery.

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hope i’m not ruining your thread but my gf wanted us to see the dr before intercourse for reassurance