Your Friday evening vagina thread

I have a need for balance. The men have their penis thread and I thought we needed a vagina thread. So everything is fine with my vagina so far. I hope yours is ok too.


It is enjoying being left alone!


Mine is pretty happy now. Last week was Shark Week and it was a suprise. Caught me as my son was being admitted to the hospital. I was 2 hours from home, nearly broke, but a good friend that lives near the hospital saved me with a couple boxes of product.


Oh thank God. How is your son?

He’s doing really good now. Thanks for asking!

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Come on, folx. I know we can say more about our wee’s. Or at least post recipes or something so the guys see the post count and think we are as concerned about our va-jays as much as they are about their doodles.


hooray for vaginas !! haha

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I am so confused by this thread lol I have a vagina but don’t understand the thread

it’s just because we always have lots of penis threads.

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Huh? Why haven’t I seen that lol so talking about your penis or vagina isn’t against the rules?

Mine is not okay unfortunately. Had an ovulation bleeding (as usual) but my PCOS makes me super irritated.

Nope, not at all. We just as that graphic sexual talk be toned down because we have some members as young as 14.

.if you have vagina troubles or question shoot away.


ugh, sounds painful. I’m sorry

Mine is sad and probably will be for at least a year since I’m back in AA and going through sobriety

Sorry I just wanted to post here for the hell of it

Hope you enjoyed your evening ladies of the forum!


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My down there region would like to remain anonymous about how she is doing, hehe :relaxed:

My vagina is celibate.
I don’t masturbate and recently broke up with the best sex I ever had.
That put my vagina and I to ecstasy.

So my vagina and I are not getting jiggy.

My vagina has herpes but I only get symptoms about once a year or so.

It also has hpv but without symptoms.
It’s just laying invisible in my system.

My vagina gets showered daily and I change underwear daily.



No worries, usual pcos stuff. At least it was interesting to view all the little follicles in my womb though- the testing, however, was very uncomfortable.

my vagina just had a bath. so did the rest of me.


What’s a shark week???! Slang for period?