I am having Covid-19 vaccine for other people Today

It’s the responsible thing to do.

I do not want the vaccine, but we have had 122,000 people die here - alone with no visitors and barely a crowd at their funerals.

The situation outside of my little bubble is pretty tragic. Lots of lives and treasure has been spent just for this virus.

My paranoid thoughts about the virus/vaccine I will keep to myself, but safe to say I am going against my gut feeling and instinct taking it.

It’s at 11:10am


If its Pfizer or moderns it’s fairly safe

I think it would be Pfizer or the AstraZeneca one. We don’t have the Moderna here in UK

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Well had the Pfizer jab. I think I am probably lucky given how badly the roll out of vaccines are going elsewhere in the world.

Think I should be grateful for it


So far no side effects other than pain where the jab was done. I am hoping that’s all I get as I have to go to work early tomorrow

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